Cover materials

All albums except for Musée offer the same cover materials and styles.

This page explains how to personalise your albums with embossings, cover motifs, photo fronts or wrap-around.

For practical reasons you are unable to emboss or laser engrave all our cover materials. The swatches below are annotated to indicate what is available on that material:

B: blind embossing,

F: foil embossing,

L: laser engraving.

Vintage Leathers (New)

Earthy leathers that evoke distant, rugged landscapes. Inviting textures that will respond to your touch.

Contemporary Genuine Leathers

Specially made for Queensberry by one of France's oldest and finest artisan tanneries.

Classic Genuine Leathers

Beautiful hides, soft to the touch, from one of Europe's leading leather suppliers.

Lots of pages?

Cover materials look good for generations, and that's the way albums are made.

If your album will have 25 pages or more I recommended that you choose one of the genuine leather cover materials described above.

Genuine leather is best able to support the spine of an album with the weight of so many pages.

Micro Leathers

Micro Leathers are amongst the most popular cover materials – beautiful textures, lovely colours, and vegan-friendly.

Pastel Linens ( New )

Soft, delicate colours, subtle and unique.

Coastal Linens ( New )

With a finely woven texture and subtle hues, our linen fabrics Driftwood and Breeze are perfect for babies, boudoir and beachy weddings! Foils for Driftwood and Breeze: White and Black only.

Vibrant Linens ( New )

Beautiful showstopper fabrics that demand to be seen.

Classic Library Buckrams

The choice of bookbinders, publishers and libraries for many generations. Affordable beauty, quality and durability.

Japanese Bookbinding Silks

Beautiful bookbinding silks, delicate and sophisticated, from one of Japan's best mills.

Durability: Silks don't have the strength and durability of some of our other materials, and I strongly suggest keeping silk covers for lighter weight Q-Books, and albums with fewer pages, especially if they’re heavy. I suggest no more than 15 pages (30 sides), although you could go higher with Q-Book lights, or medium weight Pano Flushmounts.

Faux Leathers

Faux Leathers offer a vegan-friendly alternative to genuine Leather. More beautiful textures and colours to choose from.