adding a 360º tour to your Facebook page - serenitiphotography

You've had your Google Maps Business View virtual tour completed and it looks fantastic on your Google+ page! now, you'd really like visitors to your Facebook page to see it too.

Embedding a Google Virtual Tour is relatively easy just follow these steps, or pass a link to this page on to the person who has admin rights to your Facebook page and they'll be able to integrate your virtual tour into your page.  Alternatively if you would like me to help you set this up drop me a line.

Step 1

With Facebook you are going to need to install an application called Woobox.  If you do not have it already, it's free.

To do this you simply log into your facebook page that you have admin rights for and search for "woobox" in the search box. You will see the details for woobox and be presented with a green Install button – click this.

Step 2

Select the Facebook page/s you would like to add Woobox too by using the drop down box and clicking on the pages.  once you have selected all the pages press "add page tab"

Step 3

Press the "configure page tab"

Step 4

You will need to agree to Woobox receiving your info 

Step 5

Then decide whether you want Woobox to manage your page and app insights

Step 6

Copy and paste your iframe link to the page source section.  If you aren't sure where to find this click here

You can set the size of the frame, I would suggest you choose large as this will fill the page nicely

Step 7

You can now change the photograph and name of the tab by clicking on "tab settings" on the left hand side

Step 8

If you would like to change where the tab sits on the navigation bar you can do this by clicking on "Manage Tabs and then all you need to do is drag and drop the "See Inside" tab where you would like it displayed

Step 9

You can see on this example how it looks on your page

Step 10

And this is what your customers will see when they click on the "See Inside" tab