Step 1

Your business will need to be listed with Google Places and Google Plus Local and be verified

To check if you're listed, head to and type in your business name and location to see if you appear in the results.  There will also be a tick by your pages picture if your business has been verified

Listings are free to setup with Google and will be the initial home for your Business Maps View virtual tour.

If you need any help in getting your listing set up let em know as i would be more than happy to help you.

Set up your free business listing here via Google:

Step 2

Once your business page has been created, drop me a line by emailor contact me by phone on 07989 633591 to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the photoshoot.

I will arrange a date/time to visit your premises and we will discuss what you want to achieve from having the tour.  i will then be able to give you a no obligation quote.

If you are happy with the details and the price I will arrange with you the best time for both of us to complete the photography.

Step 3

i will arrive at your business at the agreed date and time for your photoshoot.

You should have the business presented as you would like it to appear in the Google Maps Business View 360º virtual tour and point of interest photographs final photos prior to my arrival.

The photo shoot will take approximately 1 - 2 hours and payment for the photo shoot is required at the end of the photo session.

Step 4

After your shoot I will check the quality of the panoramas and the point of interest photographs and if they pass my quality checks I will upload all the photos to Google servers and moderate the images.  As part of this process number plates and faces will be blurred

The panoramas are then edited into your Google Business View virtual tour and placed correctly onto Googles Maps and linked with your Google Business Profile.

All point of interest photographs will be tagged correctly for your business.

Step 5

Once all moderation has been completed and passed quality control, your Google Maps Business View virtual tour and point of interest photos will be added to your Google business page.

I will also supply you with the full resolution point of Interest images from your photoshoot and the embed codes.