The experience

Wedding days go incredibly fast.  I can help you remember so much more of your celebration than you ever thought was possible by helping you slow down, take in every moment and capture those special times you may have missed

Let's get started.....

  1. Your journey

  2. The engagement session

  3. Your wedding album or phonebook

  4. Those enjoyable little extras

  5. Your questions answered

  6. Making contact

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Pause, Breathe &  Listen

Let us take you back to the moment the photographs were taken.   If the day moves too fast you won't remember everything. We will step in to help you pause, take a deep breath, and listen to the wonderful sounds of your celebration.


Your journey

Keeping it simple for you is really important as weddings can be complicated .  First of all it's important to meet you over a lovely cup of coffee and get to know you and your story.
After that we put all the wheels in motion.
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The first step will be to sit down with you over a cup of tea or coffee to hear your love story and find out what you would like and pick an album.

Once you have booked with us we'll work closely with you or your organiser to put together the perfect photography schedule for you.

We'll spend time finding all the best photograph locations so that you can concentrate on all the other important things.

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Celebration time

Your only job on the wedding day is to enjoy every moment and celebrate your hearts out.

As you tie the knot we'll be taking those beautiful photographs and throughout your celebration capturing all those unforgettable moments that you have been part of and especially capture those moments you weren't.

After your wedding we will share some of our favourite photographs on Facebook and Instagram.  You will love them all.

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Memory making

As you travel off to your honeymoon we will be finishing off your photographs and perfecting your album designs.


Once you have decided which photographs you would like for your home we will put all the wheels in motion.

This is one of the most important steps.  Through choosing  your album and fine art prints this is the time that we help you preserve all your memories for every generation to come.


The engagement session

Couples like to invest in an engagement session.  This firstly allows you to get to know and experience working with us as well as helping you to get comfortable being in front of the cameras.  
It also allows you to capture a very special time between you in your lives and that wonderful place between the 'Yes and I will.' 


The wedding album or photo book

A wedding album is ensures that your memories are available to browse at any moment, they do not require an upgrade and are lifelong.

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duo-album-05 Carmen & Jonny

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copy-albums-01 Carmen & Jonny

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Your family treasure

You will of course love your wedding album and spend many a time in those first few years looking back at your amazing day and sharing those amazing moments with family and friends.

A wedding album isn't just for today, its actually for all your tomorrows.  


It's for sharing with your next generation when they are young and when they get engaged.  Its for laughing and crying when memories will be very important later on in your life.

I work with suppliers who make exceptionally high quality albums who will meet the test of time and will be just as perfect as they were when the album was first opened.

This is an investment in your memories not just for now but yours and your families future.

Find out more about our wedding albums here.




Daniela & Robert

You both went above and beyond to take as many photos as possible whilst trying to please us both with our wishes. From firstly driving all the way to Portsmouth to meet us in person and have a good chat at the pub, to running (with all your super heavy camera equipment) all along the seafront in Brighton trying to get photos at the best locations to make the experience and the photos very special and creative.

Thank you both for all your hard work and dedication, these photos mean a lot to us and our loved ones xx


Those enjoyable little extras

Every wedding is unique. It's important that you have a choice of services or products that meet your needs.
Here are some of the most popular services and products that couples love to have.
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Female Videographer in backside are shoo
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Copy albums & boxes

Additional photographer


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Wall art

Outdoor Portrait days


Your questions answered

These are the most common questions we receive from couples.
If your question is not answered below please contact us using the enquiry form below to find out more.
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Making contact

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Fill in your details on our contact form and we will be in contact with you no later than a couple of days or alternatively give us a call on 07989 633591